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忙しい時期から一区切りついたので、息抜きしたかったが、結局、何もやる気がおきないので、次のプロジェクトのことを早々にやりだすことにした。今回は、これで音楽作るザマす。ROLAND SYSTEM-100M。あいかわらずピッチが不安定だが、電源入れておくと、やや安定してくる。1978年製ザマす。

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  1. Dedicated servers says:

    That legacy carried the name System-100. The original 100 semi-modular lineup of the late , and the Synthesizer-101, might actually be more relevant today than it was when it first shipped. The clever concept here was to put a full-featured monosynth with a keyboard at the center, then add modules around it. That seems to make loads of sense to me, as it creates a playable instrument that can nonetheless be patched for more creative sound design options. The full line even included speakers, in a triumph of all-in-one industrial design; the modular components and speakers interlocked into a single cabinet.

  2. Dedicated servers says:

    You still need to do some external patching, however, to send your signal through the modules of your choice to create any sounds. As for sounds, the System is basically monophonic, unless you get several racks of them for lots and lots of money!

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